Welcome To Blu Ginger Restaurant

Blu Ginger Indian Restaurant was first established in Sydney in 2000, in the famous dining precinct of McMahons Point, and quickly expanded into Canberra and Castle Hill. Our talented chef, Mr.Hari Prasad Sharma, has more than 28 years of experience in the kitchens of major hotels in India, Japan, and Australia, and draws upon the many culinary regions of India to create a truly modern and authentic menu, one that reflects the cosmopolitan India of today. At Blu Ginger we use only the freshest locally sourced produce, combined with authentic spices imported directly from the sub-continent, to offer classic, traditional recipes with a modern twist, creating a unique and memorable dining experience for you. Why not download our menus or contact us to book your next meal or event at Blu Ginger Indian Restaurant
— McMahons Point, Canberra, or Castle Hill.

Let's See why customers love blu ginger

Best Indian food I’ve had in Australia! Outstanding food well done guys! Chicken Tikka was delicious!

Matthew Smith

Excellent restaurant. Friendly, helpful staff. Our waiter recommended a better option than we had chosen which worked out much better. The meals were delicious. Busy, but not a long wait for meals to be served.

Rose Savage

Recommendation from a work colleague that the cuisine here is great and yes it was delicious. Pleasant surroundings and service the location is close proximity to everything within the centre of Canberra, advise booking for larger groups as they tend to be busy.

Lindsay Charters

I have not tasted such delicious Indian food in a long while. We ordered two entrees and two mains with plain naan, and finished off with chai. Absolutely delicious 😋- Google Reviews.

Rashida Juzer

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